July 2015


28 Jul 2015

Release Notes - C++ CME Drop Copy - Version

New Feature [CPPCMEDRCPY-53] - BREAKING CHANGE: HandlerSettings [CPPCMEDRCPY-52] - BREAKING CHANGE: FeedStateChangeListener is no longer available [CPPCMEDRCPY-51] - BREAKING CHANGE: HighResolutionTime is no longer available [CPPCMEDRCPY-50] - ...

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9 Jul 2015

Release Notes - .NET FIX Engine - Version

New Feature [DOTNET-1656] - Add method to FAST Decoder to reuse .NET message [DOTNET-1636] - Implement Enhanced CME Globex Resend Logic [DOTNET-1580] - GroupInstance.ToString() [DOTNET-1552] - Ability to selectively stop listening on certain ports ...

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8 Jul 2015

Release Notes - C++ FIX Engine - Version

Improvement [CPP-2053] - BREAKING CHANGE: Remove extra constructor of the FAST Decoder class [CPP-2027] - Information about message type changing should be added to Programming Guide [CPP-1989] - Thread Safety section should be added to Programming ...

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