New Feature

  • [DOTNET-1656] - Add method to FAST Decoder to reuse .NET message
  • [DOTNET-1636] - Implement Enhanced CME Globex Resend Logic
  • [DOTNET-1580] - GroupInstance.ToString()
  • [DOTNET-1552] - Ability to selectively stop listening on certain ports
  • [DOTNET-1551] - Adding listening ports at runtime
  • [DOTNET-1548] - Session.SendResendRequestOnEachMessageGap property
  • [DOTNET-1545] - Session.ReportNewMessagesWhileWaitingForMissedMessages property
  • [DOTNET-1533] - Session.RecevingThreadAffinity property
  • [DOTNET-1532] - Session.SendingThreadAffinity property
  • [DOTNET-304] - Message Object Model Wrappers (aka Typed Messages)


  • [DOTNET-1645] - Add to System Requirements page information about "Cannot load assembly FixForge.dll or one of its dependency" error
  • [DOTNET-1601] - High-Availability solution example should be added to Pluggable Session Storage topic
  • [DOTNET-1587] - Fields order information should be added to Programming Guide
  • [DOTNET-1547] - Sequence number of the sequence gap message should not be stored in the session storage


  • [DOTNET-1622] - SerializedMessage.Set( .. ) methods do not work properly for char values
  • [DOTNET-1621] - Logout response is not sent when the sequence gap is detected in the incoming Logout request
  • [DOTNET-1588] - SSL reconnection functionality