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MTS S.p.A. (“MTS”) is one of Europe’s leading electronic fixed income trading markets trading platform combines different market products - cash, repo and swaps. The MTS platform supports electronic European fixed income markets for issuers, primary dealers and the secondary market.

MTS Cash is a cash securities trading environment for the interdealer marketplace.

MTS Repo offers liquidity across all the eurozone repo markets with an order‐driven market place for repo agreements and buy/sellbacks, along with RFQ and OTC booking.

The most efficient method of communication with the MTS markets is to use a native protocol called SDP, and it is this protocol that is supported by the OnixS directConnect: MTS implementations.

OnixS directConnect: MTS implementations include:


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OnixS is a MTS registered ISV. MTS is a registered trademark of MTS S.p.A.(“MTS”)

Free 30 day evaluation

Our objective is to provide you with ready to use evaluation SDK download distributions for market access solutions that are specific to your target venue and code base.

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