MTS Cash and MTS Repo Markets



MTS S.p.A. (“MTS”) is one of Europe’s leading electronic fixed income trading markets trading platform combines different market products - cash, repo and swaps. The MTS platform supports electronic European fixed income markets for issuers, primary dealers and the secondary market.


MTS Cash is a cash securities trading environment for the interdealer marketplace.

MTS Repo offers liquidity across all the eurozone repo markets with an order‐driven market place for repo agreements and buy/sellbacks, along with RFQ and OTC booking.


The most efficient method of communication with the MTS markets is to use a native protocol called SDP, and it is this protocol that is supported by the OnixS directConnect: MTS implementations.


OnixS directConnect: MTS implementations include:




OnixS is a MTS registered ISV. MTS is a registered trademark of MTS S.p.A.(“MTS”)