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MTS S.p.A. (“MTS”) is one of Europe’s leading electronic fixed income trading markets trading platform combines different market products - cash, repo and swaps. The MTS platform supports electronic European fixed income markets for issuers, primary dealers and the secondary market.

MTS BondVision (MTS BV) is a multi-dealer-to-client multilateral trading facility (MTF) trading platform for government bonds and credit.

MTS Cash is a cash securities trading environment for the interdealer marketplace.

The native method of communication with the MTS Market platforms is to use a  protocol called SDP, and it is this protocol that is supported by the OnixS directConnect: MTS BV/SDP and MTS Cash/SDP implementations.

MTS also offers FIX API access to the MTS Market platforms. The MTS Markets utilised an implementation of the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) 5.0 SP2 protocol over FIXT1.1. This offers a current technology standards based direct market access approach, but with some limitations.

The MTS Markets FIX access is bridged to the internally used native SDP protocol. And a subset of instruments are available via FIX API access vs the native SDP access. This requires investigation with MTS based on the requirements context. The OnixS FIX Engine SDK implementations which can be used for MTS FIX API access if that is the preferred method.


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OnixS is a MTS registered ISV. MTS is a registered trademark of MTS S.p.A.(“MTS”)