BrokerTec migration to CME Globex

BrokerTec is a leading electronic trading platform for the fixed income markets providing transparent, anonymous electronic fixed income trading for market participants trading US and European fixed income products, including US Treasuries, European Government Bonds and European Repo.

CME Group acquired NEX Markets in 2018 and completed the migration of the BrokerTec traded products to the CME Globex platform in Q1 2021.

This migration meant mandated direct market access API changes from the original BrokerTec OMnet based API for market data and order entry and the BrokerTec ITCH market data feed to use the CME Globex platform APIs.

The OnixS directConnect: CME Globex Direct Market Access SDK solutions were updated to support the migration of BrokerTec products to the CME Globex platform.

Refer to the details about OnixS CME Globex Direct Market Access SDK solutions for more details


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