June 2018


27 Jun 2018

Release Notes - FIX Engine C++ - Version 3.25.0

Bug [CPP-2922] - Deadlock when a Logout is received in reply to the Logon request during a reconnection process [CPP-2881] - Assertion failed: closingConnection_ == NULL [CPP-2877] - Sequence gap state is not reset for acceptor sessions in case of a ...

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1 Jun 2018

Release Notes - CME Drop Copy Java - Version 4.4.1

Bug [JCMEDC-63] - Resend Request from Client System to CME Globex does not cover large gaps [JCMEDC-60] - Handler switches to backup host even if backup host was not specified [JCMEDC-59] - Negative sequence number when switching to backup host ...

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