Onix Solutions Limited [OnixS] is a London headquartered market leading specialist in supporting high performance multi-platform, multi-venue Direct Market Access (DMA) pre-trade, trading and post-trade binary, proprietary and industry standard protocol SDK's.

Our core focus is providing easy to use DMA SDK solutions enabling proprietary trading groups, commodity and energy trading firms, application ISVs, investment banks and exchanges to save time and money in the build and ongoing maintenance of trading systems and application frameworks.

OnixS has three core product offerings:

  1. a range of FIX and FIX/FAST Engine products called the OnixS FIX Engine range,
  2. range of venue specific DMA solutions called the OnixS directConnect range
  3. and FIX Protocol reference and support tools for supporting FIX infrastructures based on OnixS or other implementations.

The OnixS FIX Engine products are, as you might guess from the name, FIX Engine, FIX/FAST Decoder/Encoder and SBE Decoder/Encoder SDKs designed to be easily integrated within existing application frameworks.

The OnixS directConnect products are FIX and non-FIX proprietary protocol connectivity and market data solutions calibrated and certified for specific Exchanges, Liquidity Pools and Routing Networks/Brokers. They are specific solutions designed and packaged to save money and time in both the build and ongoing maintenance of the required market data handler, order routing trading handler, and post trade API capabilities for trading strategies.

The OnixS FIX Protocol reference and support tools are designed to aid in supporting FIX infrastructures based on OnixS or other implementations.


We provide software SDK solutions to save money and time the build and ongoing maintenance of the market data, order routing and post-trade capabilities for automated trading strategies and application frameworks.

All OnixS implementations are designed to be highly performant, reliable implementations with well documented API's, and packaged for rapid development and deployment. The standard distribution packages include getting started fast-start sample reference implementations including sample market data, trading clients, and benchmarking tools.

The OnixS commercial model is based on a subscription usage fee that is inclusive of license, maintenance support, upgrades and updates to the software, industry protocol standards, and the venue specific API implementations. This provides users with the option to switch implementation platforms, to upsize or downsize the number of deployments and venues in use within a flexible cost basis. The OnixS support services are designed to support business critical global trading windows and are a strategic part of our value and service level commitment to our user base.

OnixS was established in April 2005 and has a well established global user base of blue chip trading firms, funds, venues and independent software vendors (ISV's).


Contact OnixS

Tel: +44 20 7117 0111

Sales Support: sales@onixs.biz

Technical Support: support@onixs.biz