We're a Direct Market Access (DMA) protocol SDK specialist

The core focus of OnixS is providing easy to use DMA SDK solutions enabling proprietary trading groups, commodity and energy trading firms, application ISVs, investment banks and exchanges to save time and money in the build and ongoing maintenance of trading systems and application frameworks.

Our Products

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A suite of venue specific calibrated and certified native protocol and FIX protocol Market Data Handler, Order Routing, Trade Capture and Drop Copy SDK solutions.

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Our FIX Engine products are ultra low latency FIX Protocol .NET / C#, C++ and Java SDK implementations to FIX-enable applications and execution/order management systems.

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Our reference and support tools include the online OnixS FIX Dictionary for FIX Protocol reference, and FIX Analyser for development and operational support of FIX Protocol infrastructure.

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The OnixS commercial model is based on a subscription usage fee that is inclusive of license, maintenance support, upgrades and updates to the software, industry protocol standards, and the venue specific API implementations. This provides users with the option to switch implementation platforms, to upsize or downsize the number of deployments and venues in use within a flexible cost basis.

The OnixS support services are designed to support business critical global trading windows and are a strategic part of our value and service level commitment to our user base.

Our History

OnixS was established in April 2005 based on the premise that there was a requirement gap in the financial trading markets for light-weight and easy to integrate Direct Market Access (DMA) SDK solutions for developers of algorithmic trading strategies and OMS/EMS application frameworks.

The initial OnixS FIX Engine products were light-weight FIX Protocol SDK implementations for C#/.NET, C++ and Java. The requirement gap premise proved to be correct and the OnixS FIX Engines implementations quickly became adopted as cost effective, reliable and well supported implementations.

From 2007 OnixS also developed non-FIX protocol SDKs focused on a number of widely used industry data and order routing protocols. In early 2009 OnixS announced the launch of the OnixS directConnect venue specific product packages. These remained focused on ease of use SDK solutions, but technically focused on specific trading venue/liquidity pool application program interfaces (APIs) rather than the FIX Engine code base/platform orientation. The first OnixS directConnect: CME Market Data Protocol Market Data Handler, CME iLink Order Entry Handler, Drop Copy, Cleared Trades/STP API SDK solutions continued the success of the OnixS DMA SDK offerings and the CME remains a major supported venue for OnixS users.

The OnixS FIX Engine products and the wide range of OnixS directConnect: products are now used by a well established global user base of proprietary trading groups, commodity and energy trading firms, application ISVs, investment banks and exchanges.

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Our objective is to provide you with ready to use evaluation SDK download distributions for market access solutions that are specific to your target venue and code base.

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