OnixS directConnect venue SDK solutions

The OnixS directConnect solutions are multi-platform implementations of Market Data Handler, Order Routing and post-trade DropCopy/Trade Capture solutions offering a range of out-of-the-box Direct Market Access solutions to a wide range of exchanges and liquidity pools.

The OnixS directConnect solutions are designed to support the lowest latency, most highly performant API's offered by the various exchanges and liquidity pools. Where these venue API's are FIX based, the OnixS directConnect solutions are implemented based on OnixS's ultra low latency FIX Engine. Where the venues implement alternative API's for low latency, high throughput then the OnixS directConnect solutions include implementations of these protocols.

And all OnixS directConnect solutions are calibrated, tested and supported including a maintenance service level commitment to be kept up to date with updates or upgrades to the specific venue protocol and API changes.