TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX connectivity solutions Trading Technologies (TT®)

Trading Technologies offers two different FIX APIs with different FIX Dialect implementations:

  • TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API (FaaS/TT FIX) which supports 3 FIX sessions - Order, Drop and Security. Security definitions are distributed in a separate session.
  • TT 7x FIX API which supports 2 sessions - Order and Drop (with 2 session subtypes in each - Price and Order type). Security Definitions can be requested in both Order and Drop sessions here.

OnixS supports both implementations and provides a single packaged software distribution that includes both FIX API services with two corresponding reference implementation samples - ttFixSample and 7xFixSample each containing corresponding FIX dialects corresponding FIX tags variants.


OnixS offers “out of the box” solutions for seamless FIX connectivity to Trading Technologies’ TT® platform, the company’s ultra-low-latency, hybrid-cloud trading platform for professional derivatives traders.

The Trading Technologies FIX API is a FIX-standards-based suite of cloud-based trading services that enables rapid onboarding for FIX order routing to a wide range of exchanges and drop copy access for execution reports on the TT platform.

More information on TT’s “FIX-as-a-Service” (FaaS) offerings can be found here.

The OnixS Trading Technologies FaaS API distribution includes:

  • OnixS .NET FIX Engine with full Programming Guide documentation
  • Supported TT FIX Dialect
  • Ready-to-run TT Trading Client sample application
  • .NET/C# source code and Visual Studio project files for the Trading Client sample application

The software distribution provides a “fast-start” for developers to reference and adapt based on the specific requirements context.

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