Trading Technologies (TT®) TT FIX SDK Trading Technologies (TT®)

The OnixS directConnect: Trading Technologies (TT®) “FIX as a Service” (FaaS) SDK solutions seamless FIX connectivity to Trading Technologies’ TT® platform, the company’s ultra-low-latency, hybrid-cloud trading platform for professional derivatives traders. TT FIX supports Order Routing to a wide range of exchanges, and Drop Copy access for execution reports and submission of fills/orders to the TT® platform.

The Trading Technologies FIX API is a FIX-standards-based suite of cloud-based trading services that enables rapid onboarding for FIX order routing to a wide range of exchanges and drop copy access for execution reports on the TT platform.

Trading Technologies offers the TT® Platform "FIX as a Service” FIX API (TT FIX) which supports 3 FIX sessions - Order Entry, Drop Copy, and Security Definition/Market Data in separate sessions.

More information on TT’s “FIX-as-a-Service” (FaaS) offerings can be found here.

TT FIX supports SSL encryption using server-side certificates for TCP/FIX connections, and FIX client authentication at the FIX protocol level using the SenderCompID in FIX tag 49 and password in FIX tag 96. The TT FIX services are based on a subset of the FIX protocol (Version 4.2 with Errata 20010501 and Version 4.4) message types and tags within those message types.

TT FIX supports FIX sessions for:

  • FIX Order Routing supports automated routing of orders to the TT platform.
  • FIX Back Office sessions support the FIX TT Drop Copy services providing real-time copies of all orders submitted through the TT platform, along with the corresponding fills.
  • Security Definition/Market Data supports security definition requests for security product/contract instrument properties, and managing market data requests and data streams for those securities.

The OnixS directConnect: Trading Technologies (TT®) “FIX as a Service” (FaaS) SDK distribution (OnixS directConnect: TT® FIX Handler SDK) includes:

  • OnixS FIX Engine implementation with full Programming Guide documentation
  • Supported TT FIX Dialect
  • Ready-to-run TT Trading Client sample applications for Drop Copy, Order Entry, Security Definition and Market Data
  • Source code and IDE project files for the TT FIX client sample applications
The software distribution provides a “fast-start” for developers to reference and adapt based on the specific requirements context.


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