What is the OnixS FIX Analyser?

The OnixS FIX Analyser is a high performance FIX log file analysis tool supporting queries, validation, monitoring of FIX standards and dialects designed to save time and money in supporting FIX based trading infrastructures.

A summary of OnixS FIX Analyser features follows.

Query and Sorting

  • The Visual Query Builder accompanied with a full "text" search engine and regular expression search facility makes the FIX Analyser the easiest to use tool on the market for fast and precise message location and retrieval.
  • Query Builder - a Visual tool for building a query for message filtering and sorting. The easiest and fastest way to create simple queries on log files
  • Regular expression search - use the power of regular expressions to build complex queries.
  • Full text search - find those messages which contain a text pattern, specific tag or specific text elements, including symbols and identifiers.
  • Nested search- search for text patterns, tags and any property of a message inside the results of a previous query.
  • Query results saving - save filtered messages in binary or .CSV file for further analysis.
  • Multilevel sorting - up to 8 nested levels of message sorting makes it possible to collate messages into groups for the most granular analysis.

Message Validation

FIX messages may be validated for compatibility with any version of FIX and any custom FIX dialect used by any broker or exchange. The levels of validation include:

  • Required field validation
  • Conditional field validation
  • Repeating field validation: FIX Analyser supports this feature for non-standard FIX extensions
  • Repeating group validation
  • Pre-defined field values validation

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Real-time monitoring - the FIX Log Analyser detects changes in log files and a message filter may be applied in real time.
  • Different log formats supported - the FIX Analyser is not bound to any specific FIX log format or to any specific FIX engine. The FIX Analyser extracts FIX messages from any stream of bytes, produced by any engine.

User Interface features

  • Customisable message highlighting
  • Tag/name pairs
  • Pre-defined values
  • Printing: Print messages, queries and validation results
  • Export: Export query results into multiple file formats
  • On-line Help: Get diagnostic information about all FIX messages and fields therein online

FIX Versions and Dialects Supported

  • FIX Protocol Versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0 SP1, and 5.0 SP2 are supported with Dictionaries for Standard FIX included in the installation package.
  • Manual FIX dialects creation - ability to extend an existing FIX dialect or create a new one.

High Performance

  • Log files of unlimited length supported - FIX Log Analyser works with FIX message logs of any size.
  • Fast parsing and validation - FIX Analyser parses more than 100,000 messages per second.

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