LMEselect and LMEsource Handler SDKs IME An Hkex Company

The London Metals Exchange (LME) offers an electronic trading platform for the trading of all LME contracts. The LME have a phased migration program to migrate the LMEselect platform to a new trading platform based on the HKEx Orion Trading Platform (OTP) - known as LME OTP-M.

This migration includes LMEselect FIX Market Data migrating to LMEsource multicast market data based on HKEx Orion Market Data (OMD) platform, and at a later time the LMEselect FIX 4.4 order entry API will be replaced with a FIX 5.0 SP2 order entry API.

Clients of members can connect to the LME platforms via a member using third party applications via the LME connectivity APIs supporting Order Entry, Drop Copy, and Market Data. OnixS offers LME direct market access SDK solutions supporting the LMEselect APIs, and the new LMEsource OMD platform.

The OnixS directConnect: LME FIX LMEselect Handler SDK solutions includes a suite of packaged SDK bundles of:

  • a choice of the OnixS FIX Engine range of .NET, C++ and Java FIX Engines providing high performance FIX engine solutions with the flexibility of technology platform choice and simple API's.
  • LMEselect venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX dialect variant protocol implementation
  • LMEselect Market Data, Trading, and Drop Copy support
  • fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running

The OnixS directConnect: LME LMEsource Market Data Handler SDK features include:

  • Supports the low latency high efficiency OMD multicast protocol.
  • Retransmission refresh gap recovery.
  • Easy-to-use API.
  • Low latency and low CPU load.
  • Incremental full depth book management.
  • Flexible logging.
  • Fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running

OnixS is an LMEselect certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing the reassurance that the OnixS directConnect: LME SDK solutions are supported and LME certified.

LME, LMEselect and LMEsource are service marks and trademarks of The London Metal Exchange - an HKEx Company. All rights reserved.