OnixS provides a number of online support resources to supported OnixS customers and development partners

The OnixS JIRA system is an issue logging and tracking system with release version control, records of issues/fixes and enhancements, and access to useful resource and FAQ information. JIRA is available to authenticated current licensees or OnixS partners only, so you should have received access credentials from OnixS Support already. If you require additional access id's, or have lost the details please contact support@onixs.biz

We recommend using JIRA for issue logging/tracking, however registration requests for JIRA access and technical support is also available via email. If all else fails then please call us directly.

How do I get OnixS updates on technical issues and new version releases?

There are several mechanisms that we offer, and if you are using email alerts then we would suggest creating associated email Rules.

  1. OnixS technical support email alert elist server

    This service is an opt-in email broadcast server with various subscription lists (i.e. specific lists for FIX Engines, directConnect and Tool products) to which OnixS customers may subscribe, or unsubscribe. Information available via this broadcast mechanism is specifically from OnixS development, product management and support — email alerts include version release notes and relevant critical technical alerts.

    The subscription link is: https://elist.onixs.support

    This subscription link is secured for supported OnixS users and partners.

  2. JIRA Issue Watch Lists: Specific issue Watch Lists

    If you are the Reporter of any JIRA issues, you will automatically receive email updates on status changes on your issue(s).

    Optionally you may also add any specific JIRA issues to your Watch List by opening the issue of interest, and selecting Operations/Watch it.

  3. JIRA email Subscription updates: Email alerts at user defined frequency

    This is the ability to set up a Personal Subscription based on creating an email Subscription to the JIRA Filters available on the JIRA Home page.

    There are public JIRA Filters for:

    • OnixS FIX Engine Category — all Projects
    • OnixS directConnect Category — all Projects
    • OnixS Tooling Category — all Projects
    • And under these — more specific Filters for specific venues
    • To add an email Subscription simply select "Subscriptions for current filter" under "Operation" when viewing the desired Filter view, and set up the properties as required for the frequency of the email

    Pay particular attention to the JIRA system clock for the timing of the email updates as displayed. This defaults to US Eastern Time and the timing of these email updates are based on this clock.


OnixS Programming Guides

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