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Release Notes - Java CME MDP 3 Market Data Handler - Version 3.8.1
Sep 25


  • [JCMEMDH-232] - BREAKING CHANGE: Group implements iterator interface instead of List-like.
  • [JCMEMDH-231] - BREAKING CHANGE: Split description, decoder and writer parts into separated packages.
  • [JCMEMDH-230] - BREAKING CHANGE: Removed field accessor for type char in Message/FieldSet.
  • [JCMEMDH-229] - BREAKING CHANGE: Message and FieldSet are Read-Only now.
  • [JCMEMDH-228] - BREAKING CHANGE: removed access by name from Messages and FieldSets.
  • [JCMEMDH-227] - BREAKING CHANGE: public API methods tend to use interface instead of class types as parameters or return values.
  • [JCMEMDH-224] - Handler performance improvement.
  • [JCMEMDH-223] - User-defined message and group headers support


Sep 25

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