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15 Dec 2016

Release Notes - Java FIX Engine - Version 1.25.1

Bug [JAVA-1480] - NPE when setting null via Session.setSenderSubID(..) and Session.setTargetSubID(..) methods Improvement [JAVA-1478] - Add Using Component Block section into Programming Guide [JAVA-1476] - BREAKING CHANGE: Session.reset() rename to ...

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9 Dec 2016

Release Notes - .NET CME Drop Copy - Version

Task [NETCMEDRCPY-148] - Migrate to FixEngine Bug [NETCMEDRCPY-137] - Application messages from payload created without session dialect New Feature [NETCMEDRCPY-134] - Process StartSequenceNumber<5024> from ResendRequest reject to request ...

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5 Dec 2016

Release Notes - Java FIX Engine - Version 1.25.0

Improvement [JAVA-1474] - Update Programming Guide [JAVA-1465] - Add to Programming Guide information about DirectMode [JAVA-1460] - Avoid memory allocation in the receiving path [JAVA-1459] - Get ride of all ValuePtr from Message class getters ...

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