• [CPP-2053] - BREAKING CHANGE: Remove extra constructor of the FAST Decoder class
  • [CPP-2027] - Information about message type changing should be added to Programming Guide
  • [CPP-1989] - Thread Safety section should be added to Programming Guide
  • [CPP-1988] - Thread safety information should be added to the API documentation
  • [CPP-1954] - Sequence number of the sequence gap message should not be stored in the session storage
  • [CPP-1946] - BREAKING CHANGE: OnixS::FIX::ConnectionMode::InternalThreadsBlocking should be removed from the API and from the documentation


  • [CPP-2014] - SSL reconnection functionality

New Feature

  • [CPP-2000] - GroupInstance::toString()
  • [CPP-1983] - Socket options in TcpClient
  • [CPP-1979] - Ability to selectively stop listening on certain ports
  • [CPP-1977] - Adding listening ports at runtime
  • [CPP-792] - Session::sendResendRequestOnEachMessageGap(..)