... are leading edge .NET / C#, C++ and Java implementations of the FIX Protocol as software to FIX-enable trading or order management systems.

... are a suite of exchange specific calibrated and certified multi-protocol Market Data Handler, Order Routing, Trade Capture and DropCopy solutions.

... are Utilities and Tools for developer and operational support of Trading systems.

Low latency FIX Engine - SBE - FIX/FAST - Market Data - Trading - Trade Capture - Drop Copy APIs : OnixS

The OnixS FIX Engine range of .NET, C++, and Java FIX engines and FAST Decoders/Encoders. These FIX engines provide high performance FIX engine and FIX/FAST solutions with the flexibility of technology platform choice and simple API's.

The OnixS directConnect range of Direct Market Access solutions provide venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX and proprietary protocol implementations. The OnixS directConnect range of Direct Market Access solutions incorporate venue specific FIX dialects and venue proprietary API's providing out-of-the-box quickly deployable solutions for Market Data Handlers, Order Routing and post-Trade Drop-Copy/Trade Capture solutions, all with a maintenance service level commitment to be kept up to date with any venue connectivity dialect and API changes.

OnixS FIX Protocol Tools that include the FIX Dictionary - a free online reference for the FIX 4.0-5.0 standards reference and the OnixS FIX Analyser - a high performance FIX log file analysis tool supporting queries, validation, monitoring of FIX standards and dialects designed to save time and money in supporting FIX based trading infrastructures.