• [JAVA-1480] - NPE when setting null via Session.setSenderSubID(..) and Session.setTargetSubID(..) methods


  • [JAVA-1478] - Add Using Component Block section into Programming Guide
  • [JAVA-1476] - BREAKING CHANGE: Session.reset() rename to Session.resetLocalSequenceNumbers()
  • [JAVA-1263] - Improve Accepting FIX Session Without a Prior Creation of Session Object section
  • [JAVA-1238] - Session.logonAsAcceptor() and Session.logonAsInitiator() methods should be called in DISCONNECTED state only otherwise exception must be thrown
  • [JAVA-1194] - Update Exchanging Messages section of Programming Guide
  • [JAVA-1186] - The dialect "override" mode should be described in Programming Guide

New Feature

  • [JAVA-1127] - Implement Session.resetSeqNumViaLogonExchange() and Session.resetLocalSequenceNumbers() methods