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OSE J-Gate

The Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. [OSE] launched its new derivatives trading system, "J-GATE", in February 2011.

The OnixS directConnect: OSE J-Gate Direct Market Access solution provides high-speed access for market data and execution management designed to be closely coupled to automated latency-critical trading strategies.

The OnixS directConnect: OSE J-Gate Derivatives Trading System Handler is a C++ library that provides access to OSE trading functionality using the OMNet/OMex interface.

Key features of OnixS directConnect: OSE J-Gate Derivatives Trading System Handler are:

  • High-level easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible API.
  • Low latency, high throughput.
  • Multithreaded architecture.
  • Source code "fast-start" reference implementation client application samples
  • Windows and Linux C++ 32 and 64-bit distributions
  • Low latency OMNetAPI for order entry to the OSEJ-Gate Derivatives platform
  • Support for multiple trading ID's with round-rob in session management
  • Active State aware for all instruments and combinations
  • Deal capture and Deal capture Sequences
  • Order Book management and processing of Real Time Market Data broadcast events.
  • Instrument static downloaded daily prior to market open and support for the dedicated real-time channel for intraday changes.







Osaka Securities Exchange Derivatives Trading System, OSE, the OSE logo are trademarks of OSE. OMex is the operational name for the CLICKTM and SECURTMsoftware systems. CLICKTM and SECURTM are trademarks of OMX AB.