Deutsche Börse have a range of 7 Market Technology® platforms comprising of the T7® trading infrastructure, the C7® clearing infrastructure, the N7® global network, the M7® trading platform, the F7® Eurex repo trading system, the analytics platform A7® and the digital post-trade infrastructure D7®.

Deutsche Börse T7® trading platform is used by Eurex®, Xetra®, European Energy Exchange (EEX), and the Nodal Exchange (Nodal).

The T7 platform market data feeds:

  • T7 Market Data Interface (MDI) = provides statistical high/low and volume trade information (daily high/low price and total traded quantity) and last trade information.
  • T7 Enhanced Market Data Interface (EMDI) = provides access to the un-netted feed that disseminates every order book change up to the configured depth and all on-exchange trades.
  • T7 Enhanced Order Book Interface (EOBI) = provides access to the entire order book without any depth limitation (e.g. side, price, priority timestamp and displayed quantity of each order and quote, trade price and traded quantity for each trade).
  • T7 Reference Data Interface (RDI) = provides access to reference data.

    And T7 Order Entry Trading API's:

  • T7 Enhanced Trading Interface (ETI) order entry API provides ultra-low latency direct trading access to the T7 trading platform.
  • T7 FIX interface is a low frequency FIX protocol standards based order entry API.

Deutsche Börse T7® trading platform


The Nodal Exchange also offers the FIX Trade Capture interface. This is a FIX Protocol standards based interface to automatically feed trade details into Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) systems for market participant back office trade processing efficiency and accuracy.


T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions

Platforms supported

The OnixS directConnect: T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions are implemented on multiple platforms including Linux C++ (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc) and Windows C++.