Cboe Europe BXE, CXE, TRF and SI Quoting FIX connectivity solutions

Support for a range of FIX Support Packs covering Cboe Europe Equities services for:

  • Cboe BXE and CXE - Cboe Europe Equities integrated and dark order Order Books - Cboe BXE (the former BATS Europe) and Cboe CXE/ChiX. The FIX Support Pack supports both the BXE and CXE FIX sessions.
  • These FIX Support packs include support for BXE and CXE "FIX Drop" ports including the standard FIX Drop that provides execution information on fills only, and Order by Order FIX Drop that provides all order message types.
  • Cboe TRF - a supported implementation of the FIX specification for entry of trade reports into the Cboe Europe Trade Reporting Facility (“TRF”).
  • Cboe SI - the Systematic Internaliser Quote Service (SI) supporting the FIX API for registered SIs to meet MiFID OTC pre-trade transparency requirements.

The OnixS Cboe BXE, CXE, TRF and SI FIX Support Packs include a suite of packaged FIX API SDK bundles of:

  • a choice of the OnixS FIX Engine range of .NET, C++ and Java FIX Engines providing high performance FIX engine and FIX/FAST solutions with the flexibility of technology platform choice and simple API's.
  • Cboe BXE, CXE, TRF and SI venue specific calibrated, tested and supported FIX dialect variant protocol implementation.
  • fast-start reference implementation client application samples with source code to save time getting up and running.
  • the reassurance that the OnixS Cboe BXE, CXE, TRF and SI FIX API SDK solutions are supported and certified.