FIX 4.4 : MsgType <35> field

Type: String

Used In


Defines message type. ALWAYS THIRD FIELD IN MESSAGE. (Always unencrypted)

Note: A "U" as the first character in the MsgType <35> field (i.e. U, U2, etc) indicates that the message format is privately defined between the sender and receiver.

Valid values: *** Note the use of lower case letters ***

0 = Heartbeat <0>

1 = Test Request <1>

2 = Resend Request <2>

3 = Reject <3>

4 = Sequence Reset <4>

5 = Logout <5>

6 = Indication of Interest <6>

7 = Advertisement <7>

8 = Execution Report <8>

9 = Order Cancel Reject <9>

A = Logon <A>

B = News <B>

C = Email <C>

D = New Order Single <D>

E = New Order List <E>

F = Order Cancel Request <F>

G = Order Cancel/Replace Request <G>

H = Order Status Request <H>

J = Allocation Instruction <J>

K = List Cancel Request <K>

L = List Execute <L>

M = List Status Request <M>

N = List Status <N>

P = Allocation Instruction Ack <P>

Q = Don't Know Trade <Q> (DK)

R = Quote Request <R>

S = Quote <S>

T = Settlement Instructions <T>

V = Market Data Request <V>

W = Market Data-Snapshot/Full Refresh <W>

X = Market Data-Incremental Refresh <X>

Y = Market Data Request Reject <Y>

Z = Quote Cancel <Z>

a = Quote Status Request <a>

b = Mass Quote Acknowledgement <b>

c = Security Definition Request <c>

d = Security Definition <d>

e = Security Status Request <e>

f = Security Status <f>

g = Trading Session Status Request <g>

h = Trading Session Status <h>

i = Mass Quote <i>

j = Business Message Reject <j>

k = Bid Request <k>

l = Bid Response <l> (lowercase L)

m = List Strike Price <m>

n = XML message <n> (e.g. non-FIX MsgType)

o = Registration Instructions <o>

p = Registration Instructions Response <p>

q = Order Mass Cancel Request <q>

r = Order Mass Cancel Report <r>

s = New Order Cross <s>

t = Cross Order Cancel/Replace Request <t> (a.k.a. Cross Order Modification Request)

u = Cross Order Cancel Request <u>

v = Security Type Request <v>

w = Security Types <w>

x = Security List Request <x>

y = Security List <y>

z = Derivative Security List Request <z>

AA = Derivative Security List <AA>

AB = New Order Multileg <AB>

AC = Multileg Order Cancel/Replace <AC> (a.k.a. Multileg Order Modification Request)

AD = Trade Capture Report Request <AD>

AE = Trade Capture Report <AE>

AF = Order Mass Status Request <AF>

AG = Quote Request Reject <AG>

AH = RFQ Request <AH>

AI = Quote Status Report <AI>

AJ = Quote Response <AJ>

AK = Confirmation <AK>

AL = Position Maintenance Request <AL>

AM = Position Maintenance Report <AM>

AN = Request For Positions <AN>

AO = Request For Positions Ack <AO>

AP = Position Report <AP>

AQ = Trade Capture Report Request Ack <AQ>

AR = Trade Capture Report Ack <AR>

AS = Allocation Report <AS> (aka Allocation Claim)

AT = Allocation Report Ack <AT> (aka Allocation Claim Ack)

AU = Confirmation Ack <AU> (aka Affirmation)

AV = Settlement Instruction Request <AV>

AW = Assignment Report <AW>

AX = Collateral Request <AX>

AY = Collateral Assignment <AY>

AZ = Collateral Response <AZ>

BA = Collateral Report <BA>

BB = Collateral Inquiry <BB>

BC = Network (Counterparty System) Status Request <BC>

BD = Network (Counterparty System) Status Response <BD>

BE = User Request <BE>

BF = User Response <BF>

BG = Collateral Inquiry Ack <BG>

BH = Confirmation Request <BH>

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