FIX 4.4 : Network Counterparty System Status Response <BD> message

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This message is sent in response to a Network (Counterparty System) Status Request Message.

If the network response payload is larger than the maximum permitted message size for that FIX conversation the response would be several Network Status Response Messages the first with a status of full and then as many messages, as updates to the first message, adding information as required.

Network (Counterparty System) Status Response


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
<MessageHeader> Y MsgType <35> = BD
937 NetworkStatusResponseType Y
933 NetworkRequestID N
932 NetworkResponseID Y
934 LastNetworkResponseID N

Required when NetworkStatusResponseType <937>=2

936 NoCompIDs Y

Specifies the number of repeating CompId's

=> 930 RefCompID N

CompID that status is being report for. Required if NoCompIDs <936> > 0,

=> 931 RefSubID N

SubID that status is being report for.

=> 283 LocationID N

LocationID <283> that status is being report for.

=> 284 DeskID N

DeskID <284> that status is being report for.

=> 928 StatusValue N
=> 929 StatusText N

Additional Information, i.e. 'National Holiday'

<MessageTrailer> Y


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