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April 24, 2024
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T7 is a powerful state-of-the-art electronic trading platform developed by Deutsche Börse Group. 


The T7 platform powers the Eurex®, European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Powernext derivatives exchanges, the Nodal Exchange, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra®) and Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) cash markets exchanges. 


Deutsche Börse deploys two T7 releases annually to a predictable schedule with a major version increment in November of each year followed by a minor version increment in the following May i.e. currently T7 Release 12.0 on 20th November 2023, and T7 Release 12.1 on 13th May 2024. There are sub-released versions for minor functional updates under these major and minor version designations. 


The next is T7 Release 12.1 = https://www.eurex.com/ex-en/support/initiatives/t7-release-12-1  


T7 Release 12.1 was available in the Eurex Cloud Simulation (CloudSim) environment on 26th February 2024, in simulation on the 25th March 2024, and will be live in Eurex production as of 13th May 2024. 


As part of the OnixS directConnect: T7 Direct Market Access SDK maintenance service levels for existing OnixS customers, all associated release updates are available. These are generally released by OnixS soon after the CloudSim environment is available and stable, and technical and functional testing is completed. 


The OnixS directConnect: Eurex T7 Enhanced Market Data Interface [EMDI], Market Data Interface [MDI], Enhanced Order Book Interface [EOBI], and Reference Data Interface [RDI] Feed Handler SDK, and OnixS directConnect: Eurex T7 Enhanced Trading Interface [ETI] Handler SDK, have been updated to support T7 R12.1 and are now available. 


For more information and to download an evaluation in support of migration = https://www.onixs.biz/eurex.html  


OnixS Eurex T7 release notes: 


Eurex T7 release