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September 22, 2022
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The Eurex T7 Release 11 exchange platform functional enhancements are summarised here = https://www.eurex.com/ex-en/support/initiatives/t7-release-11-0  


When is it changing? Key dates are: 


  • 12th August 2022: Cloud Simulation 
  • 12th September 2022: Simulation 
  • 21st Nov 2022: Production live 

What is the change impact? 


Of specific note is that Eurex T7 Release 11.0 is not providing backwards compatibility for Order Entry ETI or FIX so API updates are mandatory. 


Eurex often provide further minor specification and implementation updates 3-4 weeks before the production live dates. This can make any 1-month prior to live date change control freezes difficult and it is important to monitor for these documentation updates. We suggest a specification revision check week commencing 7th November just to be safe. 


The online access to new feature and enhancement specifications in the online System Documentation is well managed and public for reference. 


At the time of writing the current specification versions are: 


  • EMDI/MDI/RDI version 11.0.1 
  • EOBI version 11.0.1 
  • ETI - Derivatives Message Reference v.11.0-D0002 
  • ETI - Interface - Cash Message Reference v.11.0-C0002 


Associated updates to the OnixS directConnect: T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions for Eurex T7 Enhanced Market Data Interface [EMDI], Market Data Interface [MDI], Enhanced Order Book Interface [EOBI], Reference Data Interface [RDI] Feed, and the T7 ETI Order Routing Handler SDK have been released. 

For Release Notes see https://www.onixs.biz/release-notes/tag/eurex