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June 16, 2022
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FIX, or Financial Information Exchange is a high-grade electronic communication process that helps real-time traders exchange information related to the financial market. This is currently one of the most common methods of pre and post stock market standards that all traders are following. With the help of a robust API integrated into the trading operations, the FIX protocol has become easier. To learn more about the benefits of using FIX API, read on.

What is FIX API?


FIX API was introduced in 1992 and is currently accepted in the global stock market. The people who use this platform are the stock market players like banks, financial institutes, investment fund traders, brokers, and institutional-grade traders. In simple terms, FIX API is the most desired model for B2B stock market interactions.

Why is FIX API popular among stock market traders?

The most important thing that makes FIX API a popular option is that it’s relatively quick to set up. Moreover, when you start using FIX API as a trader, you'll get real-time analysis of the current market information. If you're thinking of developing your own trading platform, FIX API is very prominent.

There are several benefits that you can avail of by using FIX API.

Flexible trading tool
This is a flexible tool as the traders can easily develop any algorithm using any programming language. The tools can be connected to the markets using the FIX API tool.

Ensures privacy
Traders using FIX API don't need to use commercial platforms for running the algorithms. They can safely use their own computers and keep their unique information set undisclosed. Thus using FIX API ensures complete privacy.

Offers multi channelling option

With FIX API's help, traders can now connect with multiple brokers over the electronic channels. Using one single interface solves the problems of the traders.

Less time for execution

FIX API focuses on transferring large amounts of data within a short period. Hence, unlike the other trading tools, the execution time is less for FIX API.

At OnixS, we provide FIX API protocols for all types of traders. To learn more, check our website.