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April 10, 2024
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Simplifying complex technologies


In the world of financial trading, speed, efficiency, and accuracy are paramount. Technologies such as the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol and Direct Market Access (DMA) are at the forefront of modern trading strategies, yet their complexities can be daunting. 


The role of FIX and DMA in today’s trading ecosystem


The FIX Protocol has become the backbone of global trading operations, facilitating communication between entities in the securities trading environment. It standardises the electronic exchange of information related to transactions, making trading more efficient and less prone to error. Direct Market Access, on the other hand, allows traders direct access to exchanges and financial markets, reducing the time and cost associated with trading and enhancing the ability to execute trades quickly in response to market changes.


How OnixS elevates trading strategies


OnixS specialises in easy-to-integrate DMA SDK solutions, enabling rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing trading systems. Our directConnect and FIX Engine suites are designed to enhance execution speed and reduce operational costs, crucial benefits in a competitive market landscape.

For instance, a proprietary trading group leveraging OnixS’s FIX Engine can enjoy ultra-low latency execution and high-throughput processing capabilities, critical for algorithmic trading where nanoseconds can make a significant difference in trading outcomes. Similarly, commodity and energy trading firms can benefit from our directConnect SDKs, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity to major exchanges for real-time data access, order execution, and post-trade automation.


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