Xetra T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions xetra

The Deutsche Börse T7 trading architecture is a state-of-the-art trading platform that powers the Eurex®, European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Powernext derivatives exchanges, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra®) and Vienna Stock Exchange (WBAG) cash markets exchanges.

The OnixS directConnect: T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions support the T7 trading platform market data feed and order routing API services. Specifically for the Xetra cash markets exchange the OnixS directConnect: Eurex T7 Direct Market Access SDK solutions include:

The OnixS directConnect: Xetra Enhanced Market Data Interface [EMDI], Enhanced Order Book Interface [EOBI], Reference Data Interface [RDI] Feed Handler SDK providing an ultra-low latency SDK implementation with an easy-to-use API to quickly integrate the Xetra T7 EMDI/EOBI/RDI Data Feed into automated trading frameworks and application logic. 


the OnixS directConnect: Xetra T7 ETI Order Routing Handler SDK providing ultra-low latency direct trading access to the Xetra cash market exchange trading platform.


OnixS Handlers for Eurex New Trading Architecture (NTA)