FIX Protocol Tools and Reference


Working with the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol standards requires base knowledge of the context of what the FIX standards are, how they are used in what contexts, and even for experienced developers reference to the FIX data dictionary saves much time and effort.


Need to understand what the FIX Protocol is? What is the FIX session layer and application layer? What is FIX Transport Session Protocol (FIXT)? What are FIX dictionary variants?

See the FIX Protocol Overview.

What is FIX Performance Session Layer (FIXP)? 

See the FIXP Overview.

Need to dive deep into the specific FIX message syntax in tag/value and enumeration formats?
OnixS provide the online OnixS FIX Dictionary reference for deep referenced to the FIX protocol standards.

How do I analyse FIX engine message log files?
The OnixS FIX Analyser is a high performance FIX log file analysis tool supporting queries, validation, monitoring of FIX standards and dialects designed to save time and money in developing and supporting FIX based trading infrastructures.