FIX Protocol Tools

FIX Dictionary

OnixS FIX Dictionary is a free online reference for the FIX Protocol Standards. This is a quick and easy to use contemporary dictionary of the FIX Protocol that is an excellent resource for beginners and experts alike.

Wide coverage

The FIX Dictionary is based on the latest specifications of FIX Protocol, all current versions (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0 SP1, 5.0 SP2) are included.

Definition of all message types, component blocks, field tags and field types for each version of the FIX Protocol (equities, fixed income, derivatives, FX, etc.) are included.

Easy to use

  • Built-in search engine, menus and cross-references in longer entries guide you directly to the requisite information and answers.
  • Logical relationships and dependencies between messages are clearly specified.
  • You can browse FIX Dictionary by protocol version, message name, message type, field name, and field tag number.

Open Access

  • This is freely available on-line.
  • The reference implementation is generated from our meta data management tools. These tools enable specializations and extensions to the meta data models for firm/venue specific implementations.

FIX Analyser

The OnixS FIX Analyser is a high performance FIX log file analysis tool supporting queries, validation, monitoring of FIX standards and dialects designed to save time and money in developing and supporting FIX based trading infrastructures.