FIX 4.3 : ExecInst <18> field

Type: MultipleValueString

Used In


Instructions for order handling on exchange trading floor. If more than one instruction is applicable to an order, this field can contain multiple instructions separated by space.

Valid values:

1 = Not held

2 = Work

3 = Go along

4 = Over the day

5 = Held

6 = Participate don't initiate

7 = Strict scale

8 = Try to scale

9 = Stay on bidside

0 = Stay on offerside

A = No cross (cross is forbidden)

B = OK to cross

C = Call first

D = Percent of volume (indicates that the sender does not want to be all of the volume on the floor vs. a specific percentage)

E = Do not increase - DNI

F = Do not reduce - DNR

G = All or none - AON

H = Reinstate on System Failure (mutually exclusive with Q)

I = Institutions only

J = Reinstate on Trading Halt (mutually exclusive with K)

K = Cancel on Trading Halt (mutually exclusive with L)

L = Last peg (last sale)

M = Mid-price peg (midprice of inside quote)

N = Non-negotiable

O = Opening peg

P = Market peg

Q = Cancel on System Failure (mutually exclusive with H)

R = Primary peg (primary market - buy at bid/sell at offer)

S = Suspend

T = Fixed Peg to Local best bid or offer at time of order

U = Customer Display Instruction (Rule11Ac1-1/4)

V = Netting (for Forex)

W = Peg to VWAP

X = Trade Along

Y = Try to Stop

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