FIX 4.3 : Quote Status Request <a> message

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The Quote Status Request <a> message is used for the following purposes in markets that employ tradeable or restricted tradeable quotes:

  • For the issuer of a quote in a market to query the status of that quote (using the QuoteID <117> to specify the target quote).
  • To subscribe and unsubscribe for Quote Status Report <AI> messages for one or more securities.

Application of Quote Status Request <a> to Options Markets using tradeable or restricted tradeable quoting models:

To retrieve status of all quotes for a given underlying symbol for options enter the Symbol <55> and optionally the SecurityID <48> along with a CFICode <461>="OXXXXX".


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
<MessageHeader> Y MsgType <35> = a
649 QuoteStatusReqID N
117 QuoteID N
Component Block - <Instrument> Y

Insert here the set of "<Instrument>" (symbology) fields

Component Block - <Parties> N

Insert here the set of "<Parties>" (firm identification) fields

1 Account N
581 AccountType N

Type of account associated with the order (Origin)

336 TradingSessionID N
625 TradingSessionSubID N
263 SubscriptionRequestType N

Used to subscribe for Quote Status Report <AI> messages

<MessageTrailer> Y


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