FIX 4.0 : List Status <N> message

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The List Status <N> message is issued as the response to a List Status Request <M> message and indicates the current state of the orders within the list as they exists at the broker's site.

Orders within the list are statused at the summary level. Individual executions are not reported, rather, the current state of the order is reported.

The message contains repeating fields for each order; the repeating fields are shown below in typeface Bold-Italic. The relative position of the repeating fields is important in this record, i.e. each instance of ClOrdID <11>, CumQty <14>, CxlQty <84> and AvgPx <6> must be in the order shown below.

Each List Status <N> message will report on only a maximum of 50 orders; if the list contains more than 50 orders multiple status messages will be required.


Tag Field Name Req'd Comments
<MessageHeader> Y MsgType <35> = N
66 ListID Y
105 WaveNo N
82 NoRpts Y

Total number of messages required to status complete list.

83 RptSeq Y

Sequence number of this report message.

73 NoOrders Y

Number of orders statused in this message, i.e. number of repeating groups to follow.

=> 11 ClOrdID Y
=> 14 CumQty Y
=> 84 CxlQty Y
=> 6 AvgPx Y
<MessageTrailer> Y


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