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Data Types
Type Description

Alpha-numeric free format strings, can include any character or punctuation except the delimiter. All char fields are case sensitive (i.e. morstatt != Morstatt).

=> date

Date in YYYYMMDD format. Valid values: YYYY = 0000-9999, MM = 01-12, DD = 01-31.

=> time

Time/date combination in YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS format, colons and dash required. Valid values: YYYY = 0000-9999, MM = 01-12, DD = 01-31, HH = 00-23, MM = 00-59, SS = 00-59.


Raw data with no format or content restrictions. Data fields are always immediately preceded by a length field. Caution: may contain the delimiter (SOH) character.


Sequence of digits with optional decimal point and sign character (ASCII characters "-", "0" - "9" and "."); the absence of the decimal point within the string will be interpreted as the float representation of an integer value. All float fields must accommodate up to fifteen significant digits.


Sequence of digits without commas or decimals and optional sign character (ASCII characters "-" and "0" - "9" ). The sign character utilizes one byte (i.e. positive int is "99999" while negative int is "-99999"). Examples: 723 in field 21 would be mapped int as |21=723|, -723 in field 12 would be mapped int as |12=-723|.