ICE requires API clients using the API to support the Application Identifier tags in the API Logon Message.

These Application Identifier tags are ApplicationName (9450), ApplicationVersion (9451), ApplicationVendor (9452) with the following usage:

Tag 9450: The name of the application. Field Name: ApplicationName Field length 30
Tag 9451: The Application Version Field Name: ApplicationVersion Field length 10
Tag 9452: Should contain the name of the application vendor (ISV, QV, etc.) or the name of the company if proprietary. Field Name: ApplicationVendor Field length 10


The standard OnixS directConnect: ICE SDK distributions prepopulate these values as:

Tag 9450: OnixS Trading System
Tag 9451: Implementation code base (C++, Java and ,NET) followed by major and minor version designations. Examples being = C4.19, J1.16, N4.18.
Tag 9452: OnixS


The ICE has noted inconsistent usage of these tags and is standardizing for tracking conformance and Production environment usage.

The 9450 and 9451 tags may be customized based on firm-specific requirements, but the ApplicationVendor (9452) should remain as the mandatory default value of "OnixS".

Any questions regarding this technical guidance are welcome if required. Please contact