• [DOTNET-978] - MessageParsingFlags.Verify* members should be renamed to MessageParsingFlags.Validate*
  • [DOTNET-938] - Scheduler should not use EngineSettings.ReconnectAttempts and EngineSettings.ReconnectInterval parameters
  • [DOTNET-915] - "Invalid incoming message" errors should be reported via ErrorEvent

Information Request

  • [DOTNET-971] - Session.ValidateSequenceNumbers property


  • [DOTNET-954] - Session.LogonAsInitiator() hangs out if Logout message received on second connect
  • [DOTNET-773] - Retrieving FieldInfo class from a message type
  • [DOTNET-719] - Session.CounterpartyIpAddress exception

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-952] - Add properties CounterpartyHost, CounterpartyIpAddress and CounterpartyPort to UnknownIncomingConnectionEventArgs
  • [DOTNET-783] - FirstMessageNotLogonException
  • [DOTNET-67] - Session.SendLogoutOnException configuration option
  • [DOTNET-23] - LogoutInReplyOnLogonException should be thrown from Session.LogonAsInitiator if the Logout(5) message is received in reply on the initial Logon(A) message


  • [DOTNET-492] - 'Advanced Programming' page should list its major child pages