New Feature

  • [DOTNET-2607] - An ability to use multiple schedule for a session
  • [DOTNET-2598] - Dialect.FieldValueDescription(..)
  • [DOTNET-2591] - StringFormat.VALUE_DESCRIPTION
  • [DOTNET-2443] - WarningEventArgs.IncomingMessageBytes property


  • [DOTNET-2603] - Deadlock when a Logout is received in reply to the Logon request during a reconnection process
  • [DOTNET-2579] - Assertion failed: closingConnection_ == NULL
  • [DOTNET-2540] - Sequence gap state is not reset for acceptor sessions in case of a connection failure
  • [DOTNET-2521] - Overflow issue when int.Max value is set to Scheduler.ReconnectAttempts property
  • [DOTNET-2456] - Wrong Heartbeat /TestRequest timeouts in ThreadPool connection mode


  • [DOTNET-2597] - TypedMessagesGenerator should support 'Component' elements
  • [DOTNET-2593] - TypedMessagesGenerator should use the common dialect syntax for 'Type' elements
  • [DOTNET-2582] - Add all existing global validation settings to the session level
  • [DOTNET-2574] - Improve the Latency benchmark sample
  • [DOTNET-2564] - Sequence numbers should be present in the logging of session settings
  • [DOTNET-2542] - Add Secure Logon description to the Programming Guide
  • [DOTNET-2451] - Add information about the behavior when a garbled message is received to FAQ
  • [DOTNET-2444] - Add missed BytesReceived event to the "Subscribing to Session Events" page
  • [DOTNET-2439] - HighResolutionTimestamp should use the accurate time service
  • [DOTNET-2437] - Send Logon to respond to Logon message with 141=Y when the initial Logon message was sent without this flag