• [DOTNET-2406] - BREAKING CHANGE: Error in a message structure of standard FIX 5.0 dictionary
  • [DOTNET-2398] - Issue with a concurrent initialization of FAST Decoder/Encoder
  • [DOTNET-2386] - Sequence gap state is not reset in case of disconnecting during processing of incoming message
  • [DOTNET-2299] - Field value constants should not be empty
  • [DOTNET-2281] - Exchange Emulator: Market Data Session's OutSeqNum is copied from Trading Session

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-2365] - Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • [DOTNET-2344] - Session.SendingTimeFormat(TimestampFormat format)
  • [DOTNET-2343] - Session.UpdateSendingTimeField property
  • [DOTNET-2337] - Session.ReuseEventArguments property
  • [DOTNET-2336] - Session.ReuseOutgoingMessage property
  • [DOTNET-2330] - License file expiration alerting and warnings
  • [DOTNET-2306] - Support different DateTime/TimeSpan formats
  • [DOTNET-2282] - Support the pico second timestamps that are required by MiFID II
  • [DOTNET-2202] - FAST Decoding Benchmark Sample



  • [DOTNET-2345] - Store small text values more efficiently
  • [DOTNET-2326] - Optimize GC load when Message is sent or received
  • [DOTNET-2325] - BREAKING CHANGE: Ability to add/remove event handlers should be allowed only in DISCONNECTED state
  • [DOTNET-2316] - Add information about the delay between Wireshark and FIX Engine logs timestamps
  • [DOTNET-2274] - Session.SendResendRequest(..) should throw an Exception if EndSeqNum is less than BeginSeqNum
  • [DOTNET-2268] - Samples that create Session objects should subscribe to the Session's ErrorEvent
  • [DOTNET-2266] - Modify the Latency benchmark to optimize the results for the first few Send(..) calls
  • [DOTNET-2265] - Samples should use Console.ReadKey() instead of Console.ReadLine()
  • [DOTNET-2253] - Optimization of messages extraction from the session storage
  • [DOTNET-2234] - Add information about how TLS/SSL version is chosen when TLS/SSL encryption is used