• [DOTNET-2189] - Ignore duplicated messages with PossDupFlag=Y
  • [DOTNET-2176] - Per-session ssl settings should support the certificate chain
  • [DOTNET-2175] - ErrorEventArgs.IncomingMessageBytes should be populated in all cases when it is available
  • [DOTNET-2168] - Repair external SSL related links
  • [DOTNET-2155] - Setters/Getters of the FieldSet class should not create redundant strings

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-2182] - Session level ssl settings to verify peer certificates
  • [DOTNET-2179] - Add an ability to set trusted certification authority ssl certificates
  • [DOTNET-2167] - Session.SendReject
  • [DOTNET-2159] - Add SetV methods to Message and Group classes