New Feature

  • [DOTNET-1506] - BREAKING CHANGE: Access to the raw message buffer before sending
  • [DOTNET-1487] - Ability to specify the SSL Certificate chain
  • [DOTNET-1485] - The base dialect XML descriptions should be included to the distribution package


  • [DOTNET-1504] - Add missed FieldSet.TryGet methods
  • [DOTNET-1503] - BREAKING CHANGE: FieldSet.Fields returns only fields that belongs to current fieldset without nested repeating groups
  • [DOTNET-1501] - After sending the initial Logout message, the Iogout initiator should not send any messages (unless requested to do so by the logout acceptor)
  • [DOTNET-1167] - CME iLink: remove tag 48 SecurityID from all outgoing messages
  • [DOTNET-615] - Threading model should be described in Programming Guide