• [DOTNET-1436] - Message.UpdateBodyLengthAndCheckSum
  • [DOTNET-1415] - BREAKING CHANGE: Remove Session.OutboundQueueCount() method
  • [DOTNET-1406] - Update Best Practices > Low Latency Best Practices
  • [DOTNET-1383] - Add the Decoder.MaximumNumberOfRepeatingGroupEntries property
  • [DOTNET-1351] - Add the remark that session and scheduler state changing methods shouldn't be called from event handlers directly.
  • [DOTNET-1311] - Add UseMemoryPressure option to engine configuration file
  • [DOTNET-1224] - BREAKING CHANGE: Create ISession interface


  • [DOTNET-1427] - SerializedMessage cannot find BeginString tag
  • [DOTNET-1387] - FIX Engine cannot be started if %USERPROFILE% environment variable is not defined

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-1417] - BREAKING CHANGE: Add removeFragmentedPacket parameter for Session::clearOutboundQueue(..) function