New Feature


  • [DOTNET-1119] - Rename FixmlConverter namespace and assembly


  • [DOTNET-1115] - FIX<-> FIXML Converter should be described in Programming Guide


  • [DOTNET-1113] - Rename "ThreadingModel" configuration option to "Connection.Mode"
  • [DOTNET-1091] - Rename EngineSettings.ThreadingModel to EngineSettings.ConnectionMode
  • [DOTNET-1090] - Message Grouping should be described in "High Throughput Best Practices" sections
  • [DOTNET-1089] - Reuse of incoming messages should be described in "Best Practices" sections
  • [DOTNET-1083] - Session.ReuseIncomingMessage property should be set to true in Latency sample
  • [DOTNET-1082] - Session.ReuseIncomingMessage property should be set to true in Throughput sample
  • [DOTNET-1069] - Add ConnectionMode and ThreadPoolSize to "Complete reference of configuration options" page
  • [DOTNET-1056] - EngineSettings.ToString() should return a human-friendly description of the current settings.
  • [DOTNET-751] - Scheduler's log records should use the same notation as FIX Engine's log file
  • [DOTNET-616] - EngineSettings class should be reusable
  • [DOTNET-154] - A way to determine which dialects was loaded during Engine initialization
  • [DOTNET-76] - License file can be put to the user home directory


  • [DOTNET-1111] - .NET 4.5 Engine DLL is reported as .NET 4.0 in the FIX Engine log file.
  • [DOTNET-750] - Heartbeat messages are not decoded correctly after upgrading to