• [DOTNET-595] - Logon messages not sending out after scheduled logon. Most of the time things behaving correctly, but it failed once on 24 Sep
  • [DOTNET-619] - Engine crashes due to "cannot rename summary file. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
  • [DOTNET-620] - AccessViolationException on Engine Startup
  • [DOTNET-630] - FAST decoding of "group" node with embedded "sequence" node


  • [DOTNET-605] - Only the latest *.state file should be analyzed during the creation of a Session with a file-based session storage.
  • [DOTNET-610] - FIX Engine should keep open all File Bases Storage Segments that could be required to fulfill the Resend Request
  • [DOTNET-626] - FIX Engine should not use Message as soon as it is reported via Session.InboundSessionMsgEvent
  • [DOTNET-631] - Multisegmented storage diagnostic should be improved

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-598] - Behaviour when Summary File cannot be opened on Session Creation