• [NETCMEFAST-214] - Wrong *.sln file is used in the CME.FAST.handler-net-3.5-x64_setup_2-11-6-0.msi package.
  • [NETCMEFAST-215] - Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\OnixS\.NET.CME.FAST.Handler-net-3-5-x64\2-11-6-0\sample\OnixS.FixEngineNet.Trial.lic'


  • [NETCMEFAST-189] - Version of the 'templates.xml' should be logged at INFO level
  • [NETCMEFAST-201] - By default Sample Application should replay canned data from Cert environment
  • [NETCMEFAST-203] - ChannelId should be passed to constructor.
  • [NETCMEFAST-212] - Fast template id used to decode message should written to trace
  • [NETCMEFAST-213] - Add "Low Latency Best Practices" section to Programming Guide