New Feature

  • [JAVA-1964] - Script to install the engine jars into the local Maven repository
  • [JAVA-1942] - Implement Message.containsSame(..) method
  • [JAVA-1872] - Option to delete previous log files that are older than the configured number of days during reset seq. number


  • [JAVA-1961] - Session.getTimestampProvider() returns timestamp provider
  • [JAVA-1960] - Session.setSpecifyApplVerIdField(..) sets whether to specify ApplVerID(1128) tag in all FIX messages when a FIX protocol version FIX 5.0 and above is used
  • [JAVA-1947] - Hide QuickFIXTranslator class from public API javadocs
  • [JAVA-1915] - FlatMessage should be used internally only when there are corresponding callback subscriptions
  • [JAVA-1913] - Sequence number of the sequence gap message should not be stored in the session storage
  • [JAVA-1880] - BREAKING CHANGE: Session with same sender and target comp id but with different FIX version should be possible to create
  • [JAVA-1776] - Add Maven build files to samples
  • [JAVA-1763] - Add "blocking note" to the sendTestRequest() method javadoc


  • [JAVA-1959] - OriginalSendingTime(122) not in the format of the custom TimestampProvider
  • [JAVA-1944] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in FlatMessage.containsSame(..) method


  • [JAVA-1916] - Add typed adders, getters and setter to FlatMessage