• [JAVA-1385] - Verification of FIX dialect
  • [JAVA-1376] - OrigSendingTime for the Sequence Reset(Gap Fill) and resent messages should be specified with milliseconds precision
  • [JAVA-1353] - Update stack trace of Session.logonAsInitiator method exceptions
  • [JAVA-1346] - Message.get(Tag.BeginString) and Message.getVersion() should return same value
  • [JAVA-1329] - Ignore token while finding acceptor for incoming connection.
  • [JAVA-1307] - TimestampProvider should populate SendingTime tag as well
  • [JAVA-1196] - Specify ApplVerID(1128) tag optionally to the outgoing messages


  • [JAVA-1371] - Exception is thrown during engine shutdown process
  • [JAVA-1319] - Incorrect internal session object state after logout confirmation timeout
  • [JAVA-1125] - Override mode of the FIX dictionary removes session level messages

New Feature

  • [JAVA-1337] - Iterator support for GroupInstance class
  • [JAVA-1336] - GroupInstance Group.getEntry(int index)
  • [JAVA-1335] - FIX Repeating GroupInstance implementation
  • [JAVA-1298] - GroupInstance single instance of FIX Repeating Group
  • [JAVA-1252] - FixBlock.getSize() method
  • [JAVA-1243] - Iterator support for Group class