• [JAVA-1197] - FIX dictionary generator does not generate LegSecAltIDGrp repeating group of FIX 5.0
  • [JAVA-1189] - Data types of fields are incorrectly parsed from FIXML schema for version 5.0SP2
  • [JAVA-1188] - Header of the generated FIXML message is incorrect for versions other than 4.4

New Feature

  • [JAVA-1185] - Message should override equals(..) and hashCode()
  • [JAVA-446] - Add FIX 5.0 support to FIX <-> FIXML converter


  • [JAVA-1171] - Option to turn off the formatting of resulting FIXML message
  • [JAVA-1163] - Make standard Fixml schemas part of package
  • [JAVA-1161] - Log warning if encountering an XML element / attribute that cannot be converted into FIX
  • [JAVA-1160] - Converter should be more tolerant to the definition of fields with _enum_t prefix