• [JAVA-411] - Checking session state (for both acceptor and initiator in InboundApplicationMessageListener#onInboundApplicationMessage) causes messages loss


  • [JAVA-400] - Engine.init(..) method should be thread-safe
  • [JAVA-401] - Every thread created must have a meaning name
  • [JAVA-412] - Session.reset() should check whether changes to sequence numbers are required
  • [JAVA-413] - Session scheduler should use "ConnectionRetries.Interval" and "ConnectionRetries.Number" from the engine settings
  • [JAVA-416] - Aggregate javadoc from different modules
  • [JAVA-419] - Thread creation listener is called from the newly created thread

New Feature

  • [JAVA-399] - Session.setResendRequestMaximumRange(int range) method
  • [JAVA-404] - Add listener for the thread creation event
  • [JAVA-414] - Add support of session schedule with 2 intervals
  • [JAVA-415] - Add FIX 4.4 "AD" message type support

Information Request

  • [JAVA-417] - Questions regarding the Scheduler

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