New Feature

  • [JCMEMDH-138] - Make packet cache maximum size configurable
  • [JCMEMDH-132] - Expose tag 1151 in ISecurityDefinition


  • [JCMEMDH-134] - Security Definitions shoud be reported like other messages
  • [JCMEMDH-133] - Handler should switch to BooksResynchronizationFinished after replaying of queued incrementals
  • [JCMEMDH-129] - Create SecurityId interface
  • [JCMEMDH-125] - In case of PacketCacheOverflow the name of the packetQueueMaxSize configuration setting should be added to the warning message.
  • [JCMEMDH-100] - The default value of the UDP buffer size should be set to 4MiB