Update details: OnixS FIX Support Pack update for ICE Trading - update for FIX API specification <4.18>

Updated reference implementation sample distributions incorporating the FIX Dialect and reference implementation samples can be downloaded from here:


Download authentication credentials:

User: Cpp
Password: x4o5VhNGG3Ufj1uwZyh1Fw


Download authentication credentials:

User: netCore
Password: 6Ss6CpH7AkcuYKtfGZKang

FIX Dialect file hasn't changed, it can be downloaded from here:


FIX Dialect Download authentication credentials
User: fixDialect
Password: K1D7&S~TG1R>

All FIX Dialects are session-level dialects. This requires explicit dialect specification while creating message and session objects.

You can find more information about session-level FIX dialects for: