New Feature

  • [DOTNET-3461] - Support "isRequired" attribute in the "Component" xml node
  • [DOTNET-3454] - Add an option to validate checksums of incoming messages
  • [DOTNET-3276] - Support HTTP Proxy
  • [DOTNET-3265] - Add Message.ToJson() and Message.ToXml() methods


  • [DOTNET-3448] - TypedMessagesGenerator ability to process the dialect mode
  • [DOTNET-3435] - Add new FIX types to TypedMessageGenerator
  • [DOTNET-3402] - Replace FIX50SP2EP258 dictionary to more recent FIX50SP2EP264 in base dialects folder
  • [DOTNET-3341] - BREAKING CHANGE: Improve batch send methods
  • [DOTNET-3340] - Add the maxPacketSize parameter to batch send methods
  • [DOTNET-3333] - Replace FIX50SP2EP257 dictionary to more recent FIX50SP2EP258 in base dialects folder


  • [DOTNET-3342] - Logon exception is not thrown when acknowledging Logon is blocked in Receiving thread