• [DOTNET-3286] - Replace FIX50SP2EP233 dictionary to more recent FIX50SP2EP257 in base dialects folder
  • [DOTNET-3277] - Resolve issues related to MarketDepth
  • [DOTNET-3253] - BREAKING CHANGE: Rename ConnectionMode to ThreadingModel
  • [DOTNET-3251] - Add the "Message Throttling" section to the Programming Guide
  • [DOTNET-3244] - Do not perform the TCP connect under the session's lock during the Session.LogonAsInitiator(..) call
  • [DOTNET-3239] - Switch to return Decimal instead of Double for typed messages
  • [DOTNET-3220] - The Session.SendResendRequestOnEachMessageGap property should affect session-level messages too
  • [DOTNET-3189] - Support new datatypes from the latest EP
  • [DOTNET-3134] - Avoid settings explicit application version fields (ApplVerID(1128), ApplExtID(1156), CstmApplVerID(1129)) on Session Level Messages


  • [DOTNET-3242] - Session state does not move to "Disconnected" after the telecommunication link error in some cases

New Feature