Release Notes - FIX Engine .NET - Version

Release Notes - FIX Engine .NET - Version

16 September 2019

New Feature

  • [DOTNET-3070] - Add expectedMessageSize parameter to Message class constructors
  • [DOTNET-3068] - Message.CloneTo(Message) method
  • [DOTNET-3066] - Add ApplicationIntegration sample
  • [DOTNET-3055] - Introduce ExpectedIncomingMessageSize setting
  • [DOTNET-3052] - BREAKING CHANGE: Asynchronous Logon/Logout methods should return Task objects
  • [DOTNET-3050] - Add a sample to demonstrate an approach for asynchronous processing of incoming messages
  • [DOTNET-3021] - Introduce the LogBeforeSending setting
  • [DOTNET-2999] - Ability to monitor host switching in the scheduler
  • [DOTNET-2995] - Group.TryGet(Int32, Int32, String)
  • [DOTNET-2982] - Add FIX50SP2EP233 dictionary to base dialects folder
  • [DOTNET-2970] - Add a description of GC-free interface to the Programming Guide
  • [DOTNET-2962] - Add getters/setters for StringBuilder objects to FieldSet/Group/SerializedMessage classes
  • [DOTNET-2960] - Add CompareType method to Message/SerializedMessage classes
  • [DOTNET-2953] - Add CompareFieldValue method to FieldSet/Group/SerializedMessage classes
  • [DOTNET-2392] - Add a GC-free interface to Message/FieldSet/Group/SerializedMessage classes


  • [DOTNET-3056] - Wrong resend request detection when NextExpectedMsgSeqNum tag is used
  • [DOTNET-2949] - An overloaded Session::LogonAsInitiator function does not consider setResetSeqNumFlagInFirstLogon parameter


  • [DOTNET-3054] - Optimize the deserialization of large incoming messages
  • [DOTNET-3049] - Describe an approach for asynchronous processing of incoming messages
  • [DOTNET-3026] - Add a note about the specificity of the Session.ResendingQueueSize property
  • [DOTNET-3020] - Remove out of order logging in the .summary log file
  • [DOTNET-3009] - Split the Samples solution into Getting Started, Benchmarks, and Advanced
  • [DOTNET-3007] - Improve the "Troubleshooting" page of "TLS/SSL Encryption" section
  • [DOTNET-2981] - Optimize memory usage for dictionaries with big tag numbers
  • [DOTNET-2969] - Dialect(string dialectId) constructor should throw ArgumentNullException if null value is passed as a 'dialectId' parameter
  • [DOTNET-2940] - Add a note to not dispose incoming/outgoing messages when Session.ReuseIncomingMessage/Session.ReuseOutgoingMessage property is true
  • [DOTNET-2933] - BREAKING CHANGE: Make SerializedFieldRef/SerializedFieldKey value types
  • [DOTNET-2928] - Add information about differences in behavior between Message and SerializedMessage in session event handling part
  • [DOTNET-2924] - Describe the case with ResetSeqNumFlag when the initial Logon message was sent without this flag

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